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The Oath of Monte Sacro, a pocket-epic
formal translation of historical text to musical narrative

Juramento no Araxá Sagrado
mise-en-scene for epic essays, discursive sculptures, banners for Ameryka, speeches for 'an absent people', a panoramic view of antiquity (Roma), and a excursion to Subameryka

Memorial film to come

Political Chants for the Future
order-words, redundance

Social Sculpture built or planned sculptures and monuments for public spaces or the white cube experience

PPUB Regional Office studies, speeches, essays, appropriations of political rhetoric

Spiral Villa, agora no Brasil

leandro at

Artist Statement
spoken by the people's hero
read by Gertrude Stein

Loops my continuous homage to concrete poetry in its dada-primitive-libertarian version

Pedagogic and Midiatic Exercises (miscellaneous):

P2P Network and Pop Music - radio show for Resonance FM

Ana Laura, Olive Morris and Brixton - short TV documentary about Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre's exhibition on the life and work of Olive Morris

A situation of impase for Latin American activists (2010) - interview with the argentinian Colectivo Situaciones

El Tiempo - lecture-exhibition

- lecture-performance

Open Stomach


Las Panzas de Pankejeff / Criptas de West - guided tour around Les Encants flea market, Barcelona